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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Surving building: Part 2

Lesson 5 – Surviving Building Part 2

Building is often a terrible experience for the uninitiated. Typical problems include poor quality workmanship, budget over runs, over long construction periods, a wrecked garden, security problems during construction, strain on neighbourhood and family relationships, disputes with building contractors and suppliers and trouble with the municipality.

My wife and I were in our local builders hardware the other weekend and we noticed a couple having a heated argument over what paint colour to choose. We caught the eye of the sales lady and she just raised her eyebrows. She later told us that she had seen the start of at least one divorce in the paint section.

Construction is going to get you into trouble with:

  • Your family
    • Will you wreck the garden?
    • Where with the builders use the toilet and wash?
    • Building sites are great places for kids to play but at best they’ll be filthy and at worst they’ll get hurt or killed.
    • Will mud be dragged into the house?
  • Your neighbours
    • Noise
    • Dust
    • Mess
  • Your insurance company
    • Unsecured entrances during construction
  • The municipality
    • Storing materials on the pavement
    • Getting the inspections done

In the next lesson I’ll tell you about some of the mistakes I made with my first tenants, hopefully you won’t do the same dumb things.

Author: Pete Bowen

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