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Prevent burglars from opening your sliding door PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 January 2011

Sliding doors are brilliant, but they do present some safety and security problems.

It's horrible that we have to think like this, but there you are, it is necessary and we all need to take precautions.

Here are some great ideas to add some extra protection.

1. Use deadlocks fitted to the sliding frame so that the deadbolt slides home into the fixed frame of the door.

2.  Don't have keyholes or handles fitted to the outside. 

3.  You can specify that you want extra secure double-cylinder locks on your doors when you have them fitted.

4.  Another good idea to prevent the door being slid open from the outside is to wedge a strong piece of wood in the lower channel between the sliding frame and the end of the standing frame. inside.

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Always keep it handy and when you've locked up to leave or are preparing to go to sleep at night, slide the wood or piece of pipe into the channel.


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