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Monday, 06 December 2010


Choosing a lock for your new security gate may seem unimportant when in your imagination it is the ‘gate’ part that you envisage robbers breaking through.  Locks, however, are often the weak point that criminals attempt to lever open to gain access to your home or office.  Here are some points to consider when choosing the right lock for your security gate.


Trellidor security locks


Types of gate locks

The lock that seems to be top of mind is the slam lock.  There is a common misconception that this is the only lock to buy for a security barrier.  The idea of being able to slam and lock the gate in a hurry appeals to our base fears of being chased by dangerous criminals, but is seldom realistic.  

Your attacker is more likely to just walk through an unlocked door or gate at those moments when we drop our guard and forget to keep our security barriers locked. Or he’ll try to prise open your locked gate using tools he’s brought along with him, or garden implements he’s found lying around your garden or garage.

Another problem to consider is that with a slam lock, you could easily be accidentally stranded outside a securely locked house or inside a room with no escape.  “There are alternative locking methods to make sure accidents don’t happen,” said Charlene Erasmus, Trellidor brand and public relations manager.

Trellidor’s patented slam-lock is the only one on the market that has three locking modes in one lock: open mode, slam-lock mode or dead-lock mode.  Open mode allows one to open and close the security gate without locking it. Dead-lock mode provides maximum security and you have to deliberately lock the gate using the key, avoiding unintentional locking.

The slam-lock mode is very convenient if one is in a hurry, but make sure the key is highly accessible in case it’s closed by mistake.  Slam-lock mode is also not the strongest mode, so one needs the dead-lock mode when locking up for the night or leaving the house unoccupied.  

Trellidor also supplies a dead-lock system that has no other locking modes.  They recommend this system as a first choice. “Because you have to use the key, you won’t inadvertently lock yourself in or out,” said Charlene.  These dead-locks are patented and certified as the strongest retractable security gate lock on the South African market.

One key means less stress

Another point to consider is how many keys and locking points you are expected to use in order to lock your security gates.  Some gates are fitted with two key points and keys.  Finding the right key for the right lock is time consuming and stressful, especially late at night when you feel vulnerable standing outside your front door.

For the sake of convenience you may find yourself locking only one lock point, weakening the gate’s resistance to a concerted attack.

Trellidor locks are very easy to operate as there is only one key point.  With a single turn of the key, two points on the security gate are locked, top and bottom, saving critical seconds in an emergency situation.  This also strengthens the integrity of the gate and makes it harder to break through.

“All our locking mechanisms are designed so that if the lock cylinder area is attacked with a weapon, the draw bolt mechanism inside it tightens.  The harder thieves try to force open the lock, the tighter the mechanism gets, making it extremely difficult to break,” said Charlene.   

Choose your key options

Ask your security gate supplier if they offer key options to suit your circumstances.  For example, Trellidor offers customers several key alternatives, each with different benefits.

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You can choose matching keys, where every security gate in the home or office can be operated with one key-type, meaning you don’t have to carry around a huge bunch of keys.  

Or you can select random keys, each only opening one security gate, meaning more keys to keep track of, but no chance that a criminal will be able to get through all your security gates with one key.

The third option is to select random keys plus a master key that will open all the security doors.  Obviously the master key must be kept in a safe place so that casual workers don’t have access to it.

Select the position of the lock

Trellidor will position the lock on the security gate according to the customer’s needs.  For example, the lock can be inserted at a lower position to allow easy access for children or wheelchair bound.  

This is especially important when an emergency arises.  “It would be tragic if in the event of fire, for example, occupants were unable to open their security gate because they couldn’t reach the lock,” said Charlene.

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