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Wednesday, 03 November 2010


There’s a wide range of security systems on the South African market, as one would expect in a country where house robbery is a common occurrence, and Trellidor has added to the mix with a new product unlike any other.  Called Trellidor Clear Guard, it’s unusual in that it offers security from unwanted intruders but is almost invisible.  It’s a great alternative for those of us wanting to secure our homes without obscuring the view in any way.

Trellidor Clear Guard units can be manufactured for both doors and windows.  They consist of a full aluminium frame with a high tensile stainless steel mesh insert.  The mesh is industrial grade and has been tested according to the Australian Standard (AS) for knife shear, dynamic impact, jemmying and reaction to salt spray.  These are international standard tests and Trellidor Clear Guard surpassed them all.
Multiple benefits

What this means for the home owner is that these security screens offer protection against unwanted trespassers, even though you can see right through them.  They’re guaranteed against corrosion no matter where they’re fitted, whether inland or along our coastline.

An added bonus is that the mesh screens out up to 60% of the sun’s UV rays, controlling the internal temperature, improving energy efficiency and shielding furniture from our damaging sun.  Trellidor Clear Guard doors and windows allow us to enjoy our long hours of summer sunshine without feeling its direct effects.

Trellidor Clear Guard Security System

Custom made for any doors and windows

Trellidor Clear Guard can be tailored in both single and double formats to fit a wide range of door and window styles.  These include hinged, sliding and French doors, and casement, awning, sliding and fixed windows, as well as a ‘Quick Escape Window’ for emergency exits.  Their design is very streamlined, adding a modern edge to any home.

Trellidor Clear Guard Security System

Apart from homes of all styles, Trellidor Clear Guard is ideal for corporate offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, police stations, eco-estates, game reserves and other applications.  Visit or to see pictures of installations.

Now for the really interesting bit:  although Trellidor Clear Guard units are primarily designed for security purposes, the mesh is a fantastic, humane way of keeping out pests such as monkeys, baboons and snakes, as well as irritating insects like mosquitoes and flies.  This is good news for parts of the country such as the Western Cape where pesky primates cause havoc in homes, searching for food.
Trellidor Clear Guard Security System
Trellidor recently started production of these new security screens at their Durban factory, having expanded onto the adjacent property to house the manufacturing plant.  They have secured the rights to distribute Trellidor Clear Guard in South Africa as well as eastern and southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.  If you’d like to take a look at Trellidor Clear Guard samples and find out more about them, telephone Trellidor on 031-5827460.

Trellidor Clear Guard Security System

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