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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


We all know it’s necessary to secure the whole house if we’re to realistically avoid a home invasion, but the costs are usually prohibitive, especially if we’re looking for really effective burglar guards and security gates.  Trellidor has interesting new products and helpful ideas to solve this problem.

Retractable Trellidors

New burglar guard designs

First the new product.  It’s called Trellidor Burglar Guard and is made in the Trellidor factory, so has the strength that Trellidor barriers are known for.  There are four striking designs to choose from, one of which matches Trellidor’s security gates for aesthetic purposes.  

Price-wise they are highly competitive, but they’re not ‘off-the-shelf’ products.  Trellidor still custom-measure each window, manufacture a unique burglar guard for ‘best fit’ and professionally install it using their certified technicians.

Trellidor Burglar Guards are made from attractive oval tubing, which allows more light into a room than other burglar bars.  They don’t block the view as much as square tubing, are easier to clean and more corrosion resistant.  A strengthening bar provides increased resistance to attack and is protected with a fixing plate.

These new burglar bars can be powder coated to match décor, custom designed to match window frames and fitted in a number of different ways.  They are suitable for all security risk profiles, from low to high and Trellidor is able to offer quick lead times on these products. Have a look at them here .

Trellidor Burglar Guards

Now for some more ideas on how to get dependable security without breaking the bank.

Forward planning

Don’t just rush into purchasing the first barriers you find. First get a risk assessment done of your home by a professional, usually your security barrier supplier.
A well-executed assessment should give you a good idea of the risk profile of your home and which areas are less or more vulnerable to break-ins. Choose a security contractor that has a wide range of designs to choose from so that you can get the right ones for each area.

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Lower rated, and therefore cheaper, burglar guards could be installed on low risk windows and doors, while higher rated ones should be installed on the high-risk openings. Not all security barriers are capable of resisting a determined attack, even though they look similar, so make sure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’ in the way the products are manufactured for strength.

Remember to fit retractable security barriers to at least one window in your home, usually in your designated ‘safe area’.  This window will be your escape route if you’re trying to get away from a fire or hostage-takers.  A grim thought, yes, but it happens.

If you have the money, you could install retractable window security guards to other windows too.  Then when you’ve had enough of looking at your beautiful garden or sea-view through the barricades, you can open up the windows, slide back your retractable Trellidor window guards and enjoy an unobstructed view for a while.  Just remember to lock them again if you leave the room or the house.

Trellidor powder coated burglar guards

Money too tight to mention?

There is also the finance option. Ask your supplier about financing your security barriers at competitive interest rates and terms, particularly if you want to go for first prize and secure your entire home. For more on this, visit Trellidor's Finance Options .

If your funds just don’t stretch to securing all the windows and doors to your house, then at the very least install security gates to all external doors, burglar bars on the most vulnerable windows and a trellidor in your passageway.  Then plan to secure the rest as finances ease.  Your family’s safety is paramount, and even though we’re always vulnerable when we leave the house, at least you have some measure of control over your security at home.

Lindy Barry
Trellidor PR Consultant
17 August 2010

For nationwide contact details or more information you can phone Trellidor on:

Hotline: 0861-Trellidor


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