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Marrakesh and an Exotic Idea for Painting and Stencilling your Cement Floors PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 March 2010


My friend, Maryam in Marrakesh, has the most extraordinary blog on her and her family's life in Marrakesh.  A few years ago, Maryam and her husband decided to move from the US to Marrakesh and build their very own boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions, in the midst of an olive grove in this mysterious and exotic place in North Africa, Marrakesh.

 The very name, Marrakesh, conjures up images of deserts with sand blowing off the dunes, story-tellers, bright blue painted doors, veiled women in bustling souks, cinammon-coloured spices and magic carpets.

I read Maryam's blog daily, it is a visual delight of colour, ideas and inspiration for interior decor!  

And I so love these stunning floors with screeded floor, cement paint and beautiful stencilled writing.  What a magical idea. Now can I do that on my rather dated red cement tiles?  I am going to investigate and will let you know.

Maryam tells me that the floors were painted with cement paint and the stencils were custom-made by Melanie of Modello Designs - .  

You can feast on more colour and magnificent pics on Maryam's blog at .

PS. If you want to add some Moroccan chic to your home, Maryam also sells incredibly beautiful Beni Ourain carpets, vintage sequined Moroccan wedding blankets, and more at wholesale prices.

But Toshiba hasn'T skimped on the Biostar I86PE-A4 Chipset Driver laptop'S specs, considering the low price. Lift the scanner section up and the printhead, with its four individual ink cartridges slides into view.

Look at this really amazing Moroccan Boujad vintage carpet and imagine this black wedding blanket adding sparkle to your room or thrown over the back of a couch.

 Stencilled Floor

Painted and Stencilled Floor
Painted Floor
Writing on Floor
Moroccan Wedding Blanket
Photographs: Maryam Montague

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