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Tuesday, 09 March 2010
Daniel wrote to us with the following question:

Does the NHBRC always require a Certificate of Occupancy from a local municipality to issue
their NHBRC Certificate?

We are having an issue with a house which was bought on auction. The problem is now trying to transfer it into our name and the municipality says they don't have a Certificate of Occupancy for the property . We do, however, have a Rates Clearance Certificate for the property which was issued in 2006 and the water and elec was also switched on which could only have been done if there was a Certificate of Occupancy. I was wondering if maybe some other institution other then the municipality would have a copy. I pressume the previous owner will not be so co-operative as to hand one over if necessary.

Les responded to Daniel as follows:

At the very worst, you would need a structural engineer's certificate (report) stating that the house is structurally sound which you would need to give to your local Building Inspector. With this report in hand and possibly his own visual inspection, the Building Inspector will issue you with an Occupation Certificate.

If the Found New Hardware Wizard does not find an appropriate driver for the device, it prompts the Promise SuperTrak100 Array Management Utility user to insert the profile driver installation media that contains the profile driver'S device setup information file (INF file).

There should not be any problem if the house is structurally sound. If the house is less than five years old then you would need an NHBRC Enrolment Certificate if you were financing your purchase through a bank. You could obtain a copy from the NHBRC in the event that you do not have one.

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