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Thursday, 22 February 2007
This section deals with painting a flaking ceiling.

Ceiling paint that is flaking.

Usually you find flaking paint in old houses where distemper was used. As distemper is water-based it makes a poor base for emulsion and often causes new paint to flake off.

Use a scraper to remove all loose paint. Then rub your hand on the ceiling and if a chalky deposit comes off this is the distemper. Wipe it away with a coarse rag and plenty of warm water.

You need to remove every trace of distemper. If it cannot be removed with a wet rag, wrap a fine grade sandpaper around a sanding block and rub until the surface is smooth.

Coat the ceiling with stabilising solution which will bond any remaining distemper to the ceiling. Leave to dry overnight, then repaint the ceiling.

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