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Monday, 13 July 2009


Ginde composite pipes consist of an aluminium core with inner and outer plastic layers, tightly bonded with a special adhesive to the aluminium core. All the layers are extruded in one step.

Ginde composite pipes have all the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes, but none of their disadvantages.

Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (GPPIG) has an extensive range of PEX-AL-PEX production lines, all imported from the German UNICOR Company, implementing the "one step five layer extrusion method", using an ultrasonic over lap welding technique. The raw materials are imported from famous European and American companies. The main suppliers are the American DOWLEX Chemical Company, the American PHILIPS Company, the German POLYPLAST Company and the Dutch DSM Company.

•    Cost Effective Piping
•    Easy Installation
•    Lower Labour Costs
•    Resistant to high temperatures, high pressure, corrosion and fire
•    50 Year Life Span
•    Light Weight
•    Ability to Bend
•    200 Metre Lengths

Carl Bayhack

Ginde Pipe South Africa



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