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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Points to consider when purchasing window security barriers:

External doors are usually the first openings to a home that are secured with barriers because they seem to be the most obvious point of entry for housebreakers.  We need to do the same with windows, however, as these are often the easiest to break through, especially when secured with old fashioned burglar guards that can be bent or kicked out.  Trellidor suggests the following points to make sure you install dependable security products rather than merely ‘window dressing’ :

•    Custom made security for windows is preferable to ‘off-the-shelf’ versions as they are manufactured to fit the actual window opening, increasing their strength and integrity.

•    Never allow the spaces between window bars to exceed 280mm by 230mm as this is the maximum allowed by insurance companies.  The spaces can be made smaller than this, but never bigger.

•    Secure all windows, even tiny ones or those that seem impossibly high up.  It is amazing how innovative criminals can be when they are determined to gain entry to your home.

•    Don’t only secure windows that open.  Sophisticated criminals can cut out fixed window panes with very little noise, gaining easy access to your home, so secure these too. Insurance companies are starting to insist on this, so be ahead of this requirement and save in the long run.

•    Beware of old-style burglar guards that are attached to the window frame and can easily be bent inwards at the bottom of the window.  Even if the burglar guards are screwed into the wooden frame, they can be kicked out, damaging the wood and making repairs difficult and costly.  

•    Aluminium window frames often have pop riveted burglar guards that are simply pushed out to gain access, so these need to be secured too.

•    Fully framed burglar guards that are bolted into the substrate on all four sides of the window with coach screws are far more difficult to break through.  Quality brands, such as Trellidor’s Cottage Guard, manufactured from rectangular extruded aluminium with a reinforced steel bar through the centre, are worth the investment as they are the strongest cottage pane security on the market.  

•    Check on your chosen window barrier’s certification, guarantees and after sales service.  With housebreaking on the increase, you need to know that your supplier will be there for repairs after attempted break-ins, if corrosion sets in or if you do alterations to your home.

•    For the sake of uniformity, some security barrier manufacturers such as Trellidor can match your window security to that on your doors.  Trellidor offers both fixed and expandable versions of their door products for windows.

•    Make sure you fit at least one window with sliding barriers that can be opened for escape in case of emergency.  This is essential for instances when criminals break in and you can’t get out through external doors, or in case of fire.  

•    Sliding security on windows can also be opened when you are at home so that you can enjoy the view or your garden, but remember to close the barrier when you leave the room.

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Trellidor consultants are conveniently located countrywide through a franchise network, so if
you’d like an expert opinion on how best to protect your windows against a home invasion, find
an outlet at or telephone 0861 TRELLIDOR.

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