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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

If you are considering building a timber or Light Steel Frame construction home and you wish to secure it using any of the Trellidor products, then make sure that your Architect or Designer is aware of that fact and get them to take note of the points made in this article and so avoid difficulties later.
Tips for securing houses with walls of 120mm.

Securing light steel frame houses with walls of only 120mm thick with physical barriers is definitely possible, but poor positioning of windows and doors can lead to unnecessarily complicated designs due to the lack of a suitable framework for ‘best fit’ of security barriers.  Correct positioning of the doors and windows is vital to a more aesthetically pleasing and less complex installation, so Trellidor suggests that architects take the following into account:

Trellidors require a minimum of 50mm to fit inside the door or window reveal.  If less than this is available we have to create frames with aluminium square tubing to fix our doors into, and this adds quite considerably to the overall cost.

If walls are only 120mm thick, it is important to fit the door and window frames as deep as possible to the outside of the reveal, preferably flush with the outside of the wall.  This allows enough space to fix the Trellidor product inside the reveal.

If Trellidor consultants are called in at the design stage of the house, we can work with architects on solutions to hide the security barriers to the point where they’re invisible when open.  For example, false panels that the Trellidors can slide into and out of sight when opened.
Preplanning also assists with ‘cleaner’ installations, for example if the Trellidor barriers are installed before tiles are laid, our installers don’t have to cut the tiles to accommodate the bottom track.

Visit Trellidor’s website at or telephone 0861 TRELLIDOR to find a conveniently located security consultant to assist you.

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