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Monday, 06 April 2009
Garage doors are often the first access point to your home that visitors see, and residents frequently use them as a front door if it has a direct entrance to the house.  What we don’t think of is that opportunistic and organised thieves also use garage doors to get into the home and help themselves to your possessions, or worse.  

Coroma Corofield Steel Garage Door From an aesthetic point of view, the style of garage door should complement the home’s façade and Coroma, leading manufacturers of both garage and industrial doors, has a wide range from which to choose.  They also suggest the following tips to avoid your garage being an open invitation to robbers:


Coroma Coroflute Garage Door •    Before building a new garage or altering an old one, call in the experts to find out what building specifications are required to fit the garage door you’ve selected.  Different designs have different requirements with respect to head space, electrical power points and components.  Coroma consultants will gladly help you make sure your garage opening is correctly designed for the desired door so that the door can do its job of protecting this entrance to your home.

•    Keep your garage door closed at all times, even if you live in a secure complex, and particularly if it opens directly onto the street.  Opportunistic thieves will use internal doors to get into your home or stored tools and gardening implements to break in.

•    Make sure you know where all your remote controls are.  If one of these is lost, ask your garage door supplier to reset the rest to avoid potential theft.  Never leave the remote controls in your car as some thieves are able to ‘record’ your transmitter’s signal and open the door without stealing the control. Also, insist on encrypted coding or code hopping transmitters and receivers to optimize your security.

AMIBIOS SIM PLE SETUP Panasonic UF-6100 Driver 5.07 UTILITY - VERSION 1.

Coroma coroview garage door •    Some garage door designs can be fitted with safety glass panels that allow you see inside and avoid any nasty surprises.  Coroma’s Coroview design is manufactured from maintenance free aluminium and toughened glass, allowing for high visibility as well as looking beautiful.

•    The doors should be fitted with battery back-up to avoid being stranded outside an automated door during power cuts.  Coroma issues these as standard, but not all manufacturers do, so check up on this.    Alternatively, ask your supplier to provide you with inverted power supply at minimal cost, to convert your 220v operator into a battery back-up unit.

•    Check whether your garage door has an external key release.  If so, keep the keys handy for situations when you may have to open the door manually.  Should your garage door be the only way into your garage, an escape lock should be fitted, enabling you to manually override your motor from outside your garage.  If you don’t have an external key release, make sure you always have your front door keys with you when you leave home!

•     If your automatic door is struggling to open or your manual door feels heavy, it’s probably out of balance and springs needs adjustment.  Call in the experts for help as they will be able to rectify this common problem for you as well as perform routine maintenance to keep the doors operating at optimal level.  Then they won’t let you down in an emergency.
•    Many garage doors are fitted with the bare minimum of features in order to save costs.  Items such as weather seals and safety cables are omitted, leading to early wear and tear or compromised safety.  Get a professional to check your door’s features and fit these safety precautions if necessary.  Check out Coroma’s website at for a distributor near you.

Coroma manufacturers the widest range of garage doors on the market, from timber to steel, aluminium as well as an aluminium/glass combination.  If you’re about to choose a garage door for a new home or need to upgrade a tired old one, phone either 011 494 1488 (Johannesburg) or 021 933 1144 (Cape Town) and a consultant will give you a free quotation as well as advice on the best style to suit your home.

Authored by:

Lindy Barry
P R Consultant
Trellicor Group
Tel: +44 11 453 9304
Mobile: 083 251 7019
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For Further Information:

Charlene Erasmus
Brand and P R Manager
Trellicor Group
Tel: +44 31 508 0800

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