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Friday, 31 October 2008

Night Watcher - the new motorised tracking motion sensor light range developed in South Africa.  This tracking light tracks and follows to eliminate security blind spots.

Patented Innovation

*Unique Motion Tracking Function
*Microprocessor controlled
*Multi Zones

Security Motion Tracking LightNight Watcher is microprocessor controlled with a motorised function. This enables the light head to turn automatically towards any motion activities between 3 x 70 degree PIR covering zones. The combined PIR detection range is 210 degrees with an active covering area of 10 meters plus (+) from where the unit is installed. A red LED is visible behind the PIR covering lens to warn that the unit is in active mode during night time.

Night Time mode selection - In an event of any motion detection the light of the unit will automatically go on and turn towards the breached zone to illuminate the area. As motion is detected in any of the covering PIR zones the light head will turn and track these motion activities and keep following the breaches until no further motion is detected. Should no further motion be detected the light head will remain facing the last breached zone and remain illuminated for 3 minutes and then turn off.

Should you need more information about this product please do not hesitate to contact.

Chris Walker                              
Tel: 082 552 7643
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