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Friday, 31 October 2008

Roof coatingCeramic technology is used world-wide to counter the effects of the sun’s radiated heat. The technology was developed originally by NASA to prevent their spacecraft from burning up during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

Ceratech is a roofing version of this technology, designed to reduce the ingress of radiant heat into a building. Ceratech differs from normal insulation methods in that it actually prevents the roof sheets from heating up, instead of trying to contain the heat that has already accumulated in the roof.

On a typical summer's day when the ambient temperature outside is 30° c the roof sheets can heat up to well in excess of 65°. Ceratech will reduce this temperature by up to 45% which means that the roof sheet itself will only reach a temperature of around 30 – 40 °. This means that the ambient temperature inside the building will remain at a comfortable 22 - 25°.

Roof CoatingFrom a ‘green’ aspect, this means that power-gobbling air-conditioning can either be reduced or done away with completely.

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Given that a typical Ceratech application will last for over 10 years and that the initial cost is in the order of R35 per square metre, it is easily the least expensive of all ways to keep cool this coming long hot summer – and for many more long hot summers after this one.

As Ceratech ‘bounces’ radiated heat back from whence it came, the opposite applies during winter. When the heat generated inside a building rises to the roof it is kept inside the structure, increasing the ambiance.

Ceratech can be applied to all types of roofing material (even thatch). As it is applied as a high-quality roof paint, it replaces the need for painting the roof with conventional paint, making it an even more attractive proposition. For technical reasons, however, it is only available in white.

The Ceratech website answers most other questions commonly asked and provides contact details of distributors and applicators

Geoff Grose
Ceratech Heat Barrier Coatings
Tel 082 453 3277
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