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All About Building will give you good advice for all your DIY and home renovation projects

  • Are you thinking of renovating or building?
  • Are you being given the runaround with contractors and sub-contractors not getting back to you?
  • Does the thought of building or renovating your home instantly conjure up images of torture?
  • When you mention to other folk that you're thinking of building or renovating, do you immediately get all those horror stories told to you?

Then you have come to the right place!

All About Building is your home from home while you're building or renovating.  With experts on board, we will do our best to assist you with information and advice or point you in the right direction.

All About Building helps you create a homestyle to match your lifestyleMy Little Black Book, which is a recent addition to the website, will be focusing on getting those reliable and great people in the building industry on board so that your building or renovation project will be a great experience.
It's also the place to look for design ideas, tips, suggestions and DIY articles from experts in their fields.

All About Building is committed to doing nothing less than helping you choose the best for you and your family.  Your home is a place where you’ll plant your garden, break bread together, and celebrate birthdays and holidays.

You’re creating a homestyle to match your lifestyle, a truly sacred place.

Horror stories of “fly-by-night” builders, unethical practices, non-compliance of standards, cutting corners, substandard materials, delays, poor service and shoddy workmanship abound. 

To help you avoid a nightmare experience, All About Building is constantly striving to source and provide you with a network of trustworthy, ethical, capable, compliant and experienced contracting companies.

All About Building - your resource to build your homestyle to match your lifestyleSupport and advice is invaluable in helping a project to run smoothly.  A little good humour also goes a long way when it seems as if the job will never finish - and I am sure we could all do with a dose of that.  To that end a forum will be on its way soon and All About Building will then also have a panel of experts to answer your every question.

In the meantime, enjoy and learn from the various building and renovating articles, tips, tricks and advice contained on this owner-builder website.

Let’s help each other build safe and beautiful communities.

And to those readers who have had great experiences, please let us know, we would love to know about them!



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