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Monday, 06 October 2008

Cobhouse StaircaseMuizenberg's Cobhouse is looking beautiful. 

Simric has some amazing photographs on his blog and just to wet your appetite - this is a pic of the staircase, finished on the left, unfinished on the right.  It looks stunning.  The finished wall is painted with a mixture of water, lime and tumeric with a little clay for colour and protected with an eco-friendly sealer.

Click on the photo to enlarge - the colour and texture are really striking.

Hardwood Windows SilignaI think the windows are fantastic. They are made from siligna (the only local, sustainably grown hardwood).  These were manufactured by Southwood Joinery in Capricorn Park. I am going to try and find out more about Southwood Joinery and will let you know. I think these windows are really something else.

Tyre WallAnd how's this?  A tyre wall.  Simric says "the idea is to create a "green" security wall with spiky indigenous plants at the top. Over time the tyres will get covered in foliage. This drawing is an artist's impression of how it will look once the vegetation starts to grow.

You can watch Simric and Carey's house grow here. There are heaps of brilliant photographs.  If you need inspiration you will find it on the Cobhouse Blog in abundance.

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