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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Floor TilesWhile looking around at what options there were for floors I came across this fanstatic alternative.  These floor tiles are absolutely outrageous and stunning.  You can really transform your bathroom, kitchen or any living space with your favourite photographs.  For those among us who are especially creative, this would be an awesome idea to incorporate into your new build or renovation.

I contacted Theresa van Wyk, owner of SMART ART and she sent me the following information and some great ideas for inspiration.

Floor TilesToday’s décor trend leans towards opulence, where no longer does chic mean minimalist; no longer are white walls and empty shelves de rigueur. Today we embrace the combination of colours, pattern on pattern and glorious self-expression.

To support this expressive décor trend, SMART ART has introduced linoleum floor tiles to their range of customised home furnishings and accessories.

The tiles are all 300 x 300 mm and can be printed with any image of your choice. Be it a picture that takes up the whole floor space or a repeat print of the same image.

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The result is an eye-catching one that if properly sealed and treated, is guaranteed to look good for years to come. 

You can also choose from their collection range.

As with all SMART ART’s range of products, you can truly reflect your individuality, because our specialised printing technique lets you create amazing homewear products that feature your very own images. 

Says owner, Theresa van Wyk, “Everyone we show the tiles to, is overwhelmed, and orders are pouring in, we never realised they would be this popular".

But your imagination need not be limited to floor tiles.  Go look at the SMART ART wallpapers.  You can personalise your wallpaper, furnishings and  textiles to transform a living space into anything you want.  I have always had this dream of sleeping under the stars at the foot of one of the mighty orange dunes in Namibia ... now I can. 

Go and have a look at Theresa's impressive portfolio of clients and the work completed for them.  And if you don't have your own amazing photographs, there are heaps of photographs and inspiration on the SMART ART website.

Please visit SMART ART to see their full range of products or to place orders, or mail Theresa at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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