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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Underfloor heatingWinter heating costs just became cheaper, more environmentally friendly and if the lights go out – the warmth stays. Danfoss Underfloor Heating introduces water based underfloor heating to South Africa this May. 

The Danfoss system can be connected to anything from electrical or gas boilers - to solar heating systems.  If solar heating systems are used the water based underfloor heating systems run for virtually no cost at all. Even using conventional electric underfloor heating 40% can be slashed off the average winter heating bill according to Claus Jakobsen, marketing manager of Danfoss, Europe’s top water based floor heating companies and the world’s premier underfloor heating group.

He says: “The systems are very advanced.  The water based heating system will be sold with the Danfoss Link system an intelligent thermostat with a central radio controlled base.

“The water based heating system can, when connected to solar heating panels be extremely energy efficient and virtually run for free most of the year.”

However, the water based system can only be installed in new homes or buildings.

Underfloor heating from Danfoss saves considerable energy on heating bills and when the lights go out the heat lingers longer, instead of the immediate dissipation of energy when other heating devices are switched off.

Conventional heaters emit heat that tends to rise upwards by convection, where it cools and falls to the floor, leaving the floor cold, and unnecessarily heating ceiling space.  Heat from the floor does the opposite: its radiant heat warms the floor and walls which then become secondary emitters of heat and heat up the air surrounding them.

When the heat comes from below the floor, it creates an ideal situation wherein the air at floor level - and the floor itself - stays at a temperature of around 25-28 degrees Celsius, while the air at head height remains at a comfortable level of around 18-20 degrees.

Water underfloor heating from Danfoss has pipework embedded in the floor screed, with insulation to 'reflect' the heat upward; the intelligent thermostat controls the heat by wireless from a central location.  When there is a demand for heat from the thermostat, the valves open to allow the heated water to flow through the pipe work.

The heart of the Danfoss system is the intelligent controller which "learns" your requirements and over an initial period of say a week or so it discovers how long it takes to heat up a room to the required temperature and switches on the required zone sooner or later dependant on the speed of attaining the required temperature or comfort level. If you want your underfloor heating to be set at 20 degrees Celsius at 7pm, then the optimised start system will note the external temperature and internal room temperature, and using this information, will start to heat the room so that it reaches the desired temperature at the required time. Heat is not lost by keeping the system turned on when it is not needed, nor does it add to electricity bills.

Warm water underfloor heating systems from Danfoss have significant environmental benefits. Firstly, it makes underfloor heating ideal for use in combination with alternative heat sources such as geothermal heat pumps, or solar heating systems. It makes maximum use of condensing boilers with low flow and return temperatures, ensuring that the boiler runs permanently in a highly-efficient condensing mode that reduces fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Home automation systems can link all systems within a house, such as security, heating, ventilation, lighting, and audio control, to one main control point to improve comfort, convenience, and safety.
Underfloor heating is suitable for linking to a home automation system.  A key benefit to installing UFH in combination with home automation is to achieve greater energy efficiencies; this can be achieved by combining the UFH and home automation with optimisation and compensation systems.

As more people choose home automation systems to control lighting, security or heating that underfloor heating can linked to, ensuring comfort as well as enhanced energy efficiency and cost savings. 

Danfoss Underfloor Heating will be featured on an upcoming DSTV programme in April looking at energy saving and environmentally friendly home products it will also feature a desirable give-away.

For more information you can contact Claus at:

Claus Jakobsen, marketing manager, Danfoss 082 564 0868 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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