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Sunday, 20 April 2008

I recently had an invasion of rats in my roof.  Okay, well it felt like that.  There was thundering in the roof above my head at night - I was convinced that one of the seven plagues had descended upon my home.

RatIn fact after the pest control people had been called out on this emergency it would appear that I had been visited by one tiny little field mouse.  So, okay, girls are allowed to declare a state of emergency when there are things with reptilian-like tails invade their homes.  What is it about those tails?

Anyway, since I live on the mountain and I have those pesky little mountain cockroaches dropping in every now and then as well as great armies of ants I decided it was time to show them the way to a new home before I batten down for the winter.

Oh and did you know that the house centipede keeps down the proliferation of those horrible cockroaches with their shiny exoskeletons - well I'm not sure which is worse, centipedes or cockroaches - so I think I'll opt for my friendly pest control guy.

Angelo of Libra Pest Control kindly provided me with the following info:

Keeping your premises clean and free of invading pests can be a daunting task. While you keep your kitchen clean, and rat-proof your outdoor bins, you will often find that even the strictest precautions pale in the face of some of Cape Town’s most invasive pests.

Domestic pests are a source of frustration, aggravation, and are a health risk for many people living in Cape Town. Ants, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, rats and mice can wreak havoc on your home; bite you and your pets, and spread germs and disease.

It is essential that you get rid of all insects and pests that invade your premises. Many insects reproduce at an unbelievably rapid rate, so when you first see just one or two, you will need to eradicate them as quickly as possible, before they have a chance to multiply.

CockroachThere are a few species of cockroaches in South Africa that can become pests: The German cockroach and American cockroach are the most prolific. Of these, the one that has the greatest potential of becoming persistent and troublesome is the German cockroach, who likes to stay  indoors, hospitals, bakeries, homes, restaurants, well just any area you can think of. The female carries her little egg case with her and drops it off just before hatching time. By the way, each egg case carries a few little ones. Just think of how they can multiply. 

American cockroaches occasionally pose problems in moist, humid areas.

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Unfortunately, these areas become over populated and they are forced to find harbourages elsewhere. As these monsters are able to fly, they can cover a vast area and are able to infest a variety of premises.  Usually your home, office, factory and other areas where you don’t want them.

Pest control can be tricky though so, if you want the job done properly, hire a professional pest control expert.

When next you call for your premises to be treated, ask to see the technician’s registration documents and qualification certificate.

In conclusion, sometimes it is better to support your smaller companies who have a vested interest in their survival. This way you can be assured of the best, personal service you paid for in the first place.

CockroachSo, guys and gals if it's personal service you want give Angelo a call.  His business operates throughout the Cape Town areas as far as Stellenbosch and up to Mamre, Atlantis.  Quotations are free.  You can call them in from Monday to Saturday at a time to suit you.

Article kindly provided by Angelo of:

Libra Pest Control Services cc
Unit 5
The Palms
Rifle Range Road
Tel/Fax:  021 531 6345
Cell:  083 270 5225

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