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Thursday, 06 March 2008

Building costs have gone up a whole heap.  I recently asked for a costing based on a plan for a 130 sq. metre 3-bed, 2-bath double garage house, this with just a few of the fixtures and fittings, I was intending to do most of it myself. 

The quote I got was around R7,500 per sq. metre, this is in the Cape.

I did some investigation and compared to the building costs I published a while ago which you can find here, average residential building costs in the last quarter of 2007, according to Industry Insight, are:

Gauteng - R5,121.

KwaZulu Natal - R5,139.

Western Cape  - R5,876.

Weighted Average  - R 5,121 

This is up from a weighted average of R4,350 in 2006.

The price reflects the average building cost per square metre as charged by building contractors in the formal residential property sector. It excludes affordable housing.


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