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Build Your Own Swimming Pool: Riglyne om Jou Eie Swembad te Bou PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 29 February 2008

Dr. Johan Dippenaar sent me some photographs of the pool he built himself together with his version of how to do it!  Thanks Johan.  I’m sure there will be a lot of people who are interested.  Now is the time to build that swimming pool in time for next summer.

Johan’s guidelines were in Afrikaans which Dawid has loosely translated, I am also posting the Afrikaans text below, for those of you who do speak Afrikaans.

Herewith Johan’s guidelines to building your own swimming pool.

• My pool size is 6m x 3.5m and I used about 5 tons of crusher run stone and 20 bags of cement.

• Concrete Floor 100mm thick with reinforcing, welded mesh, ref. 156.

• Bend the reinforcing upwards where the future cavity wall will be built.

• The first row of bricks (the inside row) must be pushed about 20mm or more into the WET concrete of the floor.

• Tie the reinforcing to the reinforcing that will go into the cavity between the two walls.

• Build the outside row of bricks with a cavity of 100mm between the two walls. You determine the amount of bricks you will need by the area of both the walls. Each running m2 needs 55 bricks. I used 3000 bricks and the cost was R3600.00.  Use cavity ties to tie the two walls together. I used one cavity tie per brick for the bottom 5 rows, but that might be overkill. Cavity ties are very cheap and available at any hardware store.

• Remember to fit your skimmer box and aim flow where it should be. Attach the fittings to the filter / pump with plumbing tape AND Bostik before you throw the concrete into the cavity.

• Remember to build the inside wall one brick higher than the outside wall.

• Pour the concrete into the cavity until it is level with the outside wall.

• Now pour the concrete sleeve, where you are going to pave, up against the inside wall.

• Plaster the complete pool. Remember to fill and wet the area outside the outer wall properly to give it more strength.

• Now you ask someone that knows what they are doing to do the final touch-ups and to determine the exact levels with a dumpy level. Then they must plaster the pool with Poolcrete.

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• Decide on the paving you want to use and ask your own expert to lay the first row of bricks so that it is exactly level. The rest of the paving can be done by any plasterer.

Afrikaans Text

Hiermee my riglyne vir die swembad. Dis eintlik redelik eenvoudig.

• Concrete vloer 100mm met reinforcing [welded mesh, ref 156]. Die vloer is 100mm dik. My swembad is 6m x 3.5 m en ek het omtrent 5 ton klip [crusher run] gebruik en 20 sakke sement @ R50/sak.

• Buig die reinforcing op sodat dit op die plek is waar die mure gebou gaan word.

• Die eerste ry stene [binne rye] moet omtrent so 20mm of meer in die nat concrete gedruk word.

• Maak dan die reinforcing vas aan die reinforcing wat toekomstige cavity gaan wees.

• Bou dan die buitenste ry stene met n cavity van 100 m tussen die 2 rye stene. Jy kan uitwerk hoeveel stene jy gaan benodig deur die oppervlakte van jou mure [binne en buite uit te werk. Elke running m2 benodig 55 stene. Ek het 3000 stock bricks bestel en die koste was R3600. Gebruik cavity ties om die 2 mure aanmekaar te bind. Ek het een cavity tie per steen gebruik vir die onderste 5 lae maar dis miskien overkill. Cavity ties is baie goedkoop en beskikbaar by enige hardware winkel.

• Onthou om jou skimmer box en aim flow in te sit op die plekke waar dit moet wees. Maak die fittings wat na die filter/pomp gaan vas met plumbing tape EN Bostik voor die concrete in die cavity gegiet word.

• Onthou ook dat die binneste muur een steen hoër te bou as die buitenste muur.

• Giet nou concrete in die cavity tot teenaan die buitenste muur.

• Dan gooi jou die concrete sleeve waar jy gaan paving doen tot teen die binneste steen.

• Dan word die hele swembad gepleister. Onthou om die area buite die buitenste muur goed te vul en nat te maak vir verder ondersteuning.

• Op hierdie stadium kry jy eie “expert” om die finale touch ups te doen, presiese levels uit te werk met sy dumpy level, en met sy manne die swembad te pleister met Poolcrete. Ek het nie die prys nie maar jy koop dit by Cemcrete.

• Besluit oor die paving om die swembad en laat oom Eric jou help met die eerste ry stene sodat dit PRESIES level is. Die res van die paving kry jy enige messelaar om te doen.

Hoop dit help.


 DIY Swimming Pool DIY Swimming Pool
 DIY Swimming Pool DIY Swimming Pool
 DIY Swimming Pool DIY Swimming Pool
 DIY Swimming Pool DIY Swimming Pool
 DIY Swimming Pool DIY Swimming Pool


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