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Monday, 25 February 2008

So, the other day, a guest used my downstairs loo and told me there was water on the floor!

Aaargh! I was ready to flay the last person who had used the loo. Mopped up, disinfected the floor, put everything in a 100 deg.C. wash and thought that was the last of it.

The next morning, however, I discovered another puddle of water on the floor oozing its way downstream along the grouting.

On closer inspection, I noticed a thin, hairline crack at the bottom of the toilet bowl. I don't need to install a new toilet right now - there are other important things that need to be done.

So, on Tuesday morning I went to the hardware and asked them what I could use to fix the crack. The fellow there suggested I use Pratley Quickset White, High Strength. I really didn't know if this was going to work but thought it was worth a try.

The next day we had a power outage from hell - 20 hours in my area - but that's another story so I decided to use the time to fix that darn crack.

Oh yes, one other thing, the guy at the hardware told me I would need to seal the outside crack as well.  Duh - I hadn't seen an outside crack but, of course, if there was water on the floor ... I had a blonde moment there.

So I did it and this is how I did it - and it worked! No more puddles on the floor.  It's been about two weeks now and it's worked like a charm.  I know I probably will need to replace the loo but for now, my guests don't have to go trooping upstairs to use my daughter's bathroom which invariably looks like - a young teenage girl's bathroom.

Steps to Fixing the Loo:

1.  Switch off water supply to the toilet. (For an uninitiated girl like me, it's on the wall behind the loo.)

2.  Flush the cistern to get the water out of the cistern.

3.  Erk! This is the not so fun part.  Use rubber gloves and remove the water from the toilet bowl. To be honest I disinfected the loo for about 24 hours beforehand, using litres of bleach and all that good stuff, so I knew it was absolutely sterile and clean.  Then I found an old soup ladle and I ladled the water out into a bucket, till there was only a tiny bit left at the bottom.  This I soaked up with an old towel.

4.  Disinfected the loo again with bleach!

5.  Make sure it is absolutely dry and clean.

6.  The Pratley Quickset contains two tubes, one with a white lid and one with a red lid.  Get an old piece of cardboard or plastic, I used the top of an old cream box, and squeeze out a thin line, say about 2.5 cm from the first tube and then exactly the same amount from the second tube right next to it.

7. I then took a wooden skewer stick and mixed the two together thoroughly.  You have to use it quickly though so don't mess around.

8. Using an old knife or spatula I then applied a line to the crack in the toilet bowel and then to the crack on the outside.

9. I wiped off the excess with some thinners - and just for good measure I applied another lot of Pratley's to both cracks.

That's it.  I left it for 24 hours to make absolutely sure it was set before turning the water back on and flushing the loo. It worked!

No water on the floor.  It is now two weeks later and there's nary a drop to be seen.

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