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Monday, 14 January 2008

Africote has the décor paint, plaster, coloured screed or natural stone
tiles and mosaics to beautify any building both internally or externally.

The comprehensive range of coatings manufactured by Africote include earth
toned acrylic paints branded as "Liquid Naturals", "Satin Sheen",
"Platinum Sheen", "XP Range", "Roof Paint", "Textured Paint", contractors
white PVA interior acrylic, Cementitious Coatings manufactured and branded
as "Cement Naturals", for upmarket and commercial use and "Kolorcote T"
for low cost housing applications. "Cement Naturals", "Liquid Naturals"
and "Kolorcote T" have Quality Agreement Certification which is backed by
the CSIR.

Décor plaster such as "Roman Plaster" and "Stucco Plaster" are
manufactured and offered in a wide range of colours. Roman Plasters for
3-6 mm thick applications and Stucco Plaster for a cost effective 2-3 mm
application on pre-plastered or smooth surfaces can be incorporated with
shellac, for a shell like appearance in the plaster.

Special effect décor coatings manufactured include "Rust Paint", "Copper
Paint" and "Milk Paint" for wood antiquing. For a marbled acrylic finish,
"Distemper" and "Antiquing Liquid Paints" achieve a unique swirled effect
in the colour of your choice. "Chemstain" is a chemical induced staining
process for concrete walls or floors.

Floor screeds offered include "SL Floor Hardener" in a range of colours in
the dry shake application and soon to be released the trowel on S15
Coloured Screed system for 1.5mm to 2mm layer floor screed applications in
various colours.

Tiles offered include a comprehensive range of natural stone tiles such as
slate, sandstone and travertine. Floor inlays and mosaics in natural stone
are available in marble, slate, sandstone and other finishes to beautify
any room or façade of a building.

A comprehensive range of sealers for the tiles and coatings are
manufactured by the factory including polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic
matt and polymer sealers. S.Q.T. Sealer or Dresser for Natural Stone tiles
are also available.

Exterior Exposed Aggregate "Pietra Fina" tiles are hard wearing, low
maintenance tiles available in 300x300x25mm and 400x400x32mm modules,
utilising natural stone in various colours in crushed 6 mm chips or in a
round pebble format, which protrude from the surface to achieve a non-slip
texture, ideal for around swimming pools, patio's and outdoor areas.

We offer decorative basins in marble, granite, travertine or glass
composition, which are extremely fashionable and suite one's pocket.

Accessories such as umbrella stands clad in marble mosaics, uniquely
patterned stepping stones and tiling tools are also just a few of the
additional products offered by this unique wall and floor décor specialist

For further information here are the contact details for Africote in KZN.

Sue Stern (0829414816)
031 - 3031448



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