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Monday, 24 September 2007

Question: I am looking for a Coloured Synthetic Bitumen Emulsion Slurry to be overlaid on Asphalt and for Concrete Driveways, and also polymer modified overlays, for skim Coat Resurfacing and Broom Finishing, for both Asphalt and Concrete Driveways.

Answer: All of Top Seal's products are compatible with the products and surfaces you mention.

(1) Top Seal QD Cement Compound Sealer is best for driveways, paths, floors, tennis courts, stoops, patios etc. where the wear and tear is liable to be often or heavy. Available in a few earthly colours. It gives a very hard surface with a slightly course effect, making it non-slip.

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Can be applied by spray, brush, broom or plaster method. Texture resembles sloppy/soft cement and leaves a slightly course finish when dry, making it non-slip. Most economical when sprayed or painted. Can be overlaid on Asphalt and concrete surfaces – very successfully!

(2)Top Seal Crack Sealer Paint – a lovely, hardy product, less so than QD, available in a few basic earth colours.

(3) Top Seal Crack Sealer is a putty textured product that is used for filling cracks (QD also fills cracks), especially where the foundation remains wet or unstable, as Top Seal Crack Sealer is more ‘supple’ than QD.

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