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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Most people only know they have a geyser once there is no more hot water. It is silently doing its work day and night and commands very little attention from the owner of the house. If incorrectly installed it has the potential of causing a great deal of harm to your home and/or your loved ones.

By law all plumbing installations must comply with current specifications SANS 10254 "the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of fixed electric storage, water heating systems", and the relevant sections of SANS 10252.
Few people know that you are now protected by law from unqualified workmen incorrectly installing your hot water system.  Regrettably a lot of developers choose to save money and employ people from the street to do their installations without thinking of the dangers this poses for your home and your family.

Your geyser should have the following safety features in place.


1. The Geyser Tray prevents damage to your ceiling and carpets should the geyser burst.

2. Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve similar to the gadget on your pressure cooker.

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It relieves pressure to prevent the geyser from exploding when overheating.

3. Vacuum Breakers prevent geyser from draining in cases where the water supply has been turned of.

4. Pressure Control Valve protects your geyser from excessive pressure; normally keeps pressure at 400kpa.

5. Stop tap.

6. In some flats especially if in a multi-storey building the geyser is installed above the bath. If the safety valve is situated above the bath and it opens up it can severely burn the person sitting in the bath at the time. The water is super-heated due to the rise in pressure.

This article provided by Stephen Theron of The Plumbing Professionals.

You can contact Stephen for more advice and information on: 083 335 1891


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