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Saturday, 11 August 2007

PoolSolutions4Summer's coming and with it the dreaded maintenance of your swimming pool. As I look down from my mountain eyrie I can see quite a few swimming pools in dire need of resuscitation. Why in the world do people let their swimming pools go in winter?

I also have a friend who has moved into a new house that requires TLC (euphemism for major renovation expenses!) and one of the things she needs to do is re-line that swimming pool. Can't imagine what lurks in those depths, so we did some investigation and this is what we found.

There is a great new alternative to going the costly route of re-applying marble plaster or going with fibreglass.

Epoxy-coat Your Swimming Pool!

I contacted Philip of Pool Solutions and received the following information from him.

PoolSolutionsLogoAfter investing in research and development, Pool Solutions now offers a solution to re-lining your pool and winning the battle against algae stains.


The benefits of Epoxy Coating your swimming pool are as follows:

Huge Savings:
Re-applying marble plaster or fibre-glass is enormously expensive. This will cost you a fraction of the price.

PoolSolutions1No more Scrubbing and Shock Treating your Pool:
You can now have 100% resistance against algae stains.  Algae growth is drastically reduced by 80%-90% and  the water will stay clear and blue longer with very little maintenance.  Algae can't stick and grow onto the surface anymore. 

Pool Maintenance Is Now Easier Than Ever:
This is one of the features that set us apart from the rest of our competition. Swimming pool chemicals can be added directly into the pool without the fear of staining. Using only the latest technology available in the chemical industry for industrial epoxy coatings.

PoolSolutions2A Beautiful Sparkling Pool For Many Fun filled Summers:
Unlike most other paints or epoxies, we developed a product with better colour stability that will keep the original colour and gloss. Our first test-pool was coated in 1997 and is still in excellent condition. 


Save 50%-70% On Chemical Costs:
Keep your pool sparkling clean and blue with a simple "month pack floater" and forget about it for a month.  If you have a chlorinator, even better.  Save up to 50% on chemicals and pool maintenance costs.

No More Bleeding Toes and No More Slipping:
Have you experienced bleeding toes after hours of playing in a marble plaster swimming pool?  Those times are over.  Relax, the kids can play all day in the pool on this tough and smooth gloss epoxy coating.

Have you ever slipped on a wet fibreglass pool? 
Our epoxy coat, although gloss and shiny, offers better grip to your skin than fibreglass.

There is even a DIY option available.

Vist the Pool Solutions website at for more information or contact Philip on:

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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