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Thursday, 02 August 2007

Stainless Steel BalustradesAs house prices soar, building, renovating and adding on to and modernising existing homes is becoming more and more attractive. I have seen some magnificent renovations done to houses in the avenues and crescents that were built in the 1950s and 60s.

Many of these older houses have large bedrooms, really large compared to what you get in cluster housing and security villages these days where you can barely swing the proverbial cat so taking an old house and renovating it can add tons of value particularly if it is in a good area.

Stainless Steel BalustradesPeople spend lots of money on kitchens and bathrooms and often overlook the staircase which in itself can be an awesome feature and a focal point in the house.  I have seen some magnificent spiral staircases, steel treads, curved balustrades,and steel and glass is becoming more and more trendy often with the glass sandblasted to create texture and effect. Many folk like slimline fittings, particularly for the inside and the appeal of clean, cool stainless steel lines contrasts well with beautiful wooden floors.

Stainless Steel BalustradesStainless steel is being used increasingly in residential and commercial properties for balustrades, uprights and supports in external environments, especially near the coast where wood requires so much upkeep.

Stainless Steel BalustradesCreating spaciousness and clean lines are emerging design trends and durable stainless steel elements provide structural stability and safety while contributing to the sleek, modern aesthetics of the design. Staircases are not just useful items to get from one level to the next - they should communicate and if designed thoughtfully and pleasingly can vastly add to the value of your home and be a focal point and invite lots of comment.

In these photographs you will see some beautiful examples of stainless steel and glass balustrades by Andrews & Young of Randburg.  Click to enlarge and see the full effect.

Andrews & Young Balustrades was formed in 2006 by Nicholas Andrews for the balustrading needs of residential properties, new developements and commercial properties. "We design, manufacture and install stainless steel balustrades of the highest quality at the most affordable prices", says Andrew.
Andrews & Young Balustrades is located in Randburg but have no area boundaries and are willing to travel far and wide to accomodate your balustrading needs. "We have done successful projects as far afield as Bronkhorstspruit and Vaal Riviera."
Please contact Nick Andrews 084-597-7035 or 011-793-2928 or

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