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Sunday, 17 June 2007

MuralI saw a house recently that I really liked but needed some making over and renovating.  One of the problems was those old-fashioned rippled, stippled walls. What on earth could I do with them?  Plastering completely would be way too expensive - so I did some research and here's a great new idea, cover one wall with a mural!

MuralI have been into several restaurants and homes lately with incredibly beautiful murals, some are so large they cover an entire wall. The one house I visited had a customised mural made from a photograph they had taken in a forest. As you walked into the living room, the dappled sunlight on the walls through the trees instantly transported me into another world. It was unbelievably restful.

MuralMurals Your Way, a mural company based in Minnesota, have more than 5000 murals to choose from on their site and they will take your favourite photograph and customise it for you as a mural.  The site is well worth a visit.

MuralKaren informs me that the murals are produced on commercial grade Type II vinyl wall covering (not on paper).  They will last over 20 years before fading and here's the best part, they are tear-proof and can be taken down to reinstall elsewhere!

All murals are completely washable with any non abrasive cleaner. All materials surpass all fire code ratings for interior commercial applications.

These pics are just a taste of what's on the site, imagine this cool Boulangerie in your kitchen!

MuralAnd, here's the answer to at least one of those old-fashioned rippled, stippled walls. If you have a textured wall, a wood-paneled wall, a wall made from cinder block, or any other rough surface, Murals Your Way recommend the installation of a “liner paper”, followed by 2 coats of flat latex paint. A liner paper is simply blank wallpaper which covers irregularities in the wall surface.

There you have it, an instant solution.  The murals can be made up to any size and Murals Your Way will ship anywhere in the world.

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