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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Q: We have a corrugated sink roof which is leaking in a few spots. I suspect that it may be around the screws and the chimney area. Are your products available in colours? I don’t mind a charcoal roof.

Top Seal have a provided a comprehensive answer below.

A: Yes, these are the usual culprit areas. Herewith instructions for these areas, which should be treated as cracks:

CRACKS: Larger than 5mm wide, (walls, reservoirs etc): Clean a 50cm area on either side of crack thoroughly with wire brush or CLEANER 1. Wash well with water to neutralize all acids. Chisel crack open in a V shape, cleanse thoroughly again with water.

While damp, paint a layer of BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER thoroughly into crack and plaster QD CEMENT SEALER COMPOUND (in layers – first left, then right, allow some drying time between layers and repeat process till crack is well-filled) Finish off neatly before completely dry! Occasionally QD CEMENT SEALER COMPOUND may show fine cracks or sag down – this is no problem, it is due to gravitation or fast drying in hot weather. Simply paint or fill over with a layer of QD CEMENT SEALER COMPOUND till desired effect is reached and allow to dry. Now dampen the cleaned 50cm area either side of crack, apply a coat of BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER over this whole area, fix fiberglass membrane onto wet BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER, cover membrane with second coat BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER wet on wet, then allow to dry, then apply a third coat of BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER, covering the whole area thoroughly.

Walls that need to be painted after repair should preferably be treated with CRACK SEALER PAINT instead of BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER in the 2nd and 3rd coats as the elasticity of BLACK UNIVERSAL SEALER does not easily accept non-elasticized products of other manufacturers while CRACK SEALER PAINT does.

The whole roof may be sealed withTop Seal Black Universal Sealer (BUS) is black to charcoal black. Can be coloured to gray.

Seal with 1-2 layers BUS, paint over with 1 layer of our Top Seal Crack Paint Sealer which can be coloured to a few earthy clours and be painted over with your normal roof paint in a colour of your choice if preferred. An exterior PVA is usually all that is needed when the roof has been sealed so well, just to match to the colour that you desired.

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