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Saturday, 09 June 2007

Questions regarding grey water are regularly sent to this site and we thought this particular set of questions might be useful to you if you are planning to build and want to incorporate a grey water system into your build.  Free Water Systems gave us the following advice:-

Q. At what stage of the building development must the planning of this system be done preferably.

A. The planning should be done when the plumbing reticulation is worked out.  The plumber will need to bring the grey water to a central point (excluding the kitchen sink and dishwasher).  Installation should be done just before the pavers arrive, otherwise the builders will gleefully hack any pipes laid for the Grey Water System and pour concrete into the pumps. The building site should be clear with a minimum of activity.

Q. Can it be integrated with a "normal" irrigation system?

A. Yes, this is done regularly - a more expensive but a more elegant solution.  In addition to the Grey Water Trap, this requires a high pressure pump and hence a storage tank. You also need a finer filter or else your pop-ups and sprayers will be clogged up.  The Grey Water system ties into your irrigation valves and your irrigation system operates as usual.

Q. What needs to be considered when looking for a grey water contractor?

A. Check that they have been around for a while and ask for references of other people who have used them.

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