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Sunday, 03 June 2007

We have had a few questions to the site lately regarding acid staining and what is the difference between acid staining and painting your concrete floor.

After some extensive research, the best site we have found thus far with absolutely all the information you need about acid staining your own concrete floor is without a doubt John Groom's Concrete Floor Stains website.

I wrote to John and he says you are welcome to send in your questions and he would be happy to answer them for you.

Concrete Floor StainIn the meantime what we have learnt is that acid staining is not a paint or a sealer. The colouring is created by the chemical reaction with the concrete. A solution with acid, inorganic salts and water reacts with minerals (free lime) that are already present in the concrete.  Colouring with acid is permanent and will not fade or peel as will other "concrete stains".

The concrete must be clean and free of any sealers, curing compounds, bonding agents or paint - in other words it be must bare clean concrete.  If you do want to acid stain your floor and it does have any of these substances previously applied, it will need to be removed before you stain.

John's website gives you detailed DIY instructions on how to apply the stain, what to look for, preparation of your concrete floor if it is a new concrete floor, how to clean the floor prior to application and a million other details that will enable you to create your masterpiece including mixing of colours to achieve the look you want.  Each acid-stained concrete floor is unique, no two are the same - so go ahead and let your imagination run wild.

One Earth Design Concrete Floor StainThis beautiful floor was created by Joaquin Karcher of One Earth Design.  I asked Joaquin how he achieved this and he told me that three days after the concrete slab was poured the floor was cut ¼” deep with a skill saw and a masonry blade to the patterns you see on the picture and acid stained.  After acid staining the floor was sealed with a “breathable “sealer.

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