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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I recently read a question from someone who is going to build and wanted to know what constitutes the perfect house?  We're talking the average 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home here.  Thanks for the great question Jools!

The responses were wide and varied.  Some folk concentrated on security, others aesthetics and so we asked amongst the people we know - what for them would constitute the perfect house?

If you can think of any additional things to add to this list, please let us know.

Things to consider are:

Solar panels

Gas water heaters


Office - so many folk work from home nowadays

Go wireless

Generator and 'house' for the generator

Security indoors, outdoors, perimeter

Grey water system

Air vents in the roof

Local water heaters - particularly for the kitchen sink

Pay particular attention to lighting - indoor and outdoor, sensor lights, overhead lights, wall lights, track lights. Light switches that you can switch on one end and switch off the other end

Pay attention to where you are going to put your plug points - you cannot have too many and make them easily accessible

Make sure you have conduit running to just above every single door and window - there will be some time in the future where you will need/want wiring and you don't want to have to run it along the ceiling, skirting, down the wall.

Underfloor heating

Wiring - you want to avoid wires all over the place particularly in the office

Network points - as many as possible


Flow to outdoor areas

Hardwood floors look brilliant but can scratch easily

Outside brick paving - can get hot if in direct sunlight and if in damp areas grow moss

Storage for gardening stuff

Direct access from garage - super-important for security and trailing in those packets of groceries

Access panels and distribution boards - they need to be accessible - when the lights go out

Kitchen planning - stove not next to fridge, the kitchen "triangle".

Wine cellar?


You might want to think about installing ducted air-conditioning.

Three-phase power


Garden taps - make sure you have enough

After building keep those spares tiles - like roof tiles, kitchen tiles in case you need just that one in that specific colour!

Pantry - absolute necessity

Laundry area - essential

Wet-rooms are great as opposed to shower cubicles, or showers with screens or curtains


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