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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Gisela wrote in with the following question.

We want to install a fireplace for the winter but it needs to be safe for our children, what would you suggest?

We asked many fireplace manufacturers and suppliers what they would suggest and Marietha from Jetmaster came back with the following answer.

The question is easy enough but the answer a bit more complicated.

Jetmaster has a range of fireplaces consisting of built-in or freestanding fireplaces with an option of either gas or wood burning.

A separate fire screen, which can either be clipped on or be positioned in front of the fireplaces in order to protect children and pets from open flames, are available with most of the fireplaces.

Jetmaster’s Heat & Glo 350TRS, comes standard with a fixed glass pane and the option of an additional clip on or fixed fire screen. Please note that these glass panes also get hot to a certain degree and will burn if touched.

The disadvantage to a fire screen is that it does take away some of the heat.

Another option would be to purchase a built-in fireplace and raise it from the floor. It may be raised as high as 1.5 meter from the ground.

There are so many options available that it all depends on personal taste.

None of these mentioned options are foolproof, or in this case child proof, and only acts as deterrents. Standard precautions still need to be taken with loved ones and open flames.

For more information you can visit the Jetmaster website or telephone their office on 011 661 5900 or 086 100 3838



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