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Monday, 30 April 2007

"Strawbale Building Can Seriously Transform Your Life" so says the warning on the Strawbale Futures website.

I have had contact with Barbara at Strawbale Futures in the UK and have spent hours on her website.  What a feast of information about strawbale building.

Didimala Game LodgeYou just have to look at Didimala to see how wonderfully creative you can get with strawbale building and now on the Strawbale's Future website there is a comprehensive Strawbale Building Guide you can download.

More and more this innovative way of building is gaining a foothold across the spectrum as interest groups are looking for ways that people, unfamiliar with the building process, can work together on joint projects. Straw is easily accessible and this guide provides a comprehensive introduction to strawbale building from tools to use, to methods of construction.

Strawbale Futures Spiral HouseAs the Guide says, strawbale construction "is woman-friendly, joyful, optimistic and highly motivated. Knowledge and skills are freely shared, and co-operation and teamwork predominate, all of which has a positive effect on health and safety on site. Working with straw is unlike working with any other material. It is simple, flexible, imprecise and organic. It will challenge your preconceptions about the nature of building and the correct way of doing things; not everyone will be able to meet this challenge. Its simplicity can be disarming, or alarming. If you need complexity for security, then this may not be for you."

Strawbale FuturesThis guide is aimed at owner-builders and those in the construction industry as well as interest groups.  It is a great read and is an invaluable guide as it contains every bit of information you could possibly need including the things to watch out for, the answers to those niggling questions you might have had about health and safety as well as the advantages and disadvantages for the different methods of strawbale construction from post and beam to hybrid methods of building.

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