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Monday, 30 April 2007

Thanks to Gonnie from World of Gas for this comprehensive response to Duncan's question about gas water heaters.

Water Geysers vary in litres per minute delivered:

5 Litre geyser can supply a Wash hand Basin only approx cost R1999,00 incl vat uses 0.8kg/hour (LPG).

11 Litre geyser can supply a Shower and Wash hand Basin approx cost R2199,00 incl vat uses 1.74kg/hour (LPG).

14 Litre geyser can supply a Bathroom and kitchen (as long as they are not both being used at the same time, if they are there will be a pressure drop in the water in shower) approx cost R2999,00 incl vat uses 2.2kg/hour (LPG).

18 Litre geyser can adequately supply a full bathroom and kitchen without affecting flow rate while showering etc. approx cost R3199,00 incl vat uses 2.9kg/hour (LPG).

With regards to ignition of the flames, gone are the days where geyser used only Piezo Controls (you would have to depress one button while igniting with another button).

The latest geysers come with Hydro Generators battery ignition (ie: they use the water / battery to ignite the flame, so there is no pilot flame and pushing buttons or worrying about using gas when no water is being used).

Please be advised that the geyser prices above are quoted for the piezo controls and the prices for hydro generators etc are slightly higher than this.

You can check our website out for the latest pricing.

The average retail price of LPG in Gauteng is approx R13,00 excl vat. Should you wish to find the nearest LPGas retailer closest to you, you may contact Mark Orchison at Easigas on 0847028612.


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