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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Buying a home is without a doubt one of the most significant decisions and probably the biggest investment you will ever make in terms of your hard-earned cash.

If you were buying a second-hand car wouldn’t you contact the AA to give it the once over to make sure you are not buying someone else’s problems?

Then, doesn’t it make sense to give that house that you really like the once over by a qualified expert?

Inspect-A-HomeNo house, not even a newly built house, is without defects. It makes eminent sense then to protect yourself when making such a large investment. And, if you’re selling, then having your home inspected and certified will be a huge attraction for prospective buyers and help to close that sale quickly.

Now we have such a resource, Inspect-a-Home.

What is a home inspection and what do Inspect-a-Home do?

I asked Frikkie Ollewagen of Inspect-a-home and he provided the following answers:

Inspect-A-HomeA home inspection is a visual inspection of the home that will provide a better understanding of the property’s condition as observed at the time of the inspection.

The client receives a written report describing those items, which were found to be in need of attention.

Still, image quality was quite low, even on the highest Toshiba Satellite 3000-400 Sound Driver resolution, and there was lots of visual noise and blurry lines.

A thorough, whole-house inspection facilitates a clear-headed decision with confidence, avoiding possible legal entanglements, and provides a comprehensive portrait of the home, from roof to foundation.

All inspections are carried out following a tried and tested pattern incorporating 20 years of experience ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

A home cannot "pass" or "fail" an inspection, and we will not tell you whether the home is worth the money being offered.

Inspect-A-HomeA typical home inspection will include a survey and analysis of all house systems including roof, exterior and interior structure, storm water, plumbing, doors, windows, attic, basement and crawl spaces.

The goal is to uncover as well as anticipate any problems that may affect the closing process, or involve significant cost to repair, replace or remedy.

Not only do we tell you what the defects are, but we also tell you the correct way to rectify them and the estimated cost of the repairs. This is unique to Inspect-a-Home.



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