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Saturday, 21 April 2007

In our quest to source eco-friendly, non-toxic products to use for your renovations, DIY projects, building and fix-it problems, we have found some exciting products in Top Seal Products.

During the course of 1995, two South African businessmen and a chemical engineer from Swellendam identified the need for products that were non-toxic and eco-friendly.  After much testing and large investments the Top Seal range of products was developed.

Top Seal Products are water-based sealants and cold tar products that are SABS tested, non-toxic, eco-friendly with extraordinary adhesive power. Successfully used in the treatment and repair of roads, pathways and floor surfaces as well as the treatment and repair of roofs, dams, walls and cracks.

Consisting of water based sealants and cold tar products that have been SABS tested this range of products is fire resistant, heat resistant and UV resistant.

Sylvia Van Schalkwyk from Top Seal told me that four of the factories in South Africa for Top Seal products are owned and managed by women!  Great news!

For more information on Top Seal products visit the Top Seal website, there is also a useful information page about cleaning and preparing concrete and cement surfaces before attending to any repairs.

Here are just a few of the exciting products that will be useful for your DIY projects, renovations, building and fix-it repairs:

Tile and Grout Cleaner
Use to clean tiles and remove grout. Concentrated heavy duty, fast working rust remover.

Crack Sealer
Use for sealing and repairing of cracks and holes in walls, dams, roofs and chimneys. Excellent adhesion and sealing properties, especially where foundations are unstable or wet.

Liquid Cement Sealer
Excellent treatment for damp walls.  Use to strengthen cement by making it more flexible and watertight to prevent crumbling and cracking of cement.

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Repair cracks and chips in cement – makes bonding easier.

Rust Sealer
Used as an acid etch primer and corrosion preventative. Contains special rust preventive pigments that bind chemically with metal surfaces to form an exceptionally strong layer that easily resists mechanical damage.

Crack Sealer Paint
Used as a water-based, non-toxic primer, sealant, or decorative paint over small and hairline cracks.

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