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This section is about the building process.  Here you will find information on plumbing, electrical, lighting design, etc.

Acid Staining Your Concrete Floor PDF Print E-mail
Concrete & Cement
Sunday, 03 June 2007

We have had a few questions to the site lately regarding acid staining and what is the difference between acid staining and painting your concrete floor.

After some extensive research, the best site we have found thus far with absolutely all the information you need about acid staining your own concrete floor is without a doubt John Groom's Concrete Floor Stains website.

Screeds & Toppings PDF Print E-mail
Concrete & Cement
Friday, 06 April 2007

There have been numerous questions from readers with regard to concrete floors, screeds and toppings and which is what and what is what, and after some extensive research, we think these are the best sites you can visit to give you heaps of concrete ideas and inspiration.

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Concrete & Cement PDF Print E-mail
Concrete & Cement
Sunday, 01 April 2007

Concrete CementI love the smell of freshly mixed concrete, I don’t know what it is – but anywhere a new wall has been built or a pathway freshly laid, I need to sidle up closer, lay my head against it and just breathe it in and when I finally laid my first bricks, it was heaven!

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Building in the bush? Tips to keep out the wildlife without losing your sense of freedom PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 September 2013

Building in the bush?  Use these tips to keep out the wildlife without losing your sense of freedom

Building a home in any of South Africa’s many wild and isolated areas can bring with it some exhilarating experiences.  What could be more exciting than waking up with a leopard on your veranda or elephants wandering through your indigenous garden?  But there are limits to how closely we want to commune with nature and Trellidor has a product that allows the outdoors in without it getting too close for comfort.

Let the outdoors in, but not inside

Trellidor Clear Guard is a product that can be designed to fit any door and window style.  It’s primarily a security barrier that is installed next to your doors and windows, around your patio or boma, or in passages.  It has been engineered to be strong enough to stop human intruders from breaking into your home, but is equally useful as a humane and barely-there screen that keeps animals and insects out too.

Each individually designed Trellidor Clear Guard barrier consists of a neat aluminium frame with a stainless steel mesh insert.  The mesh insert makes up the bulk of the screen, so the barrier doesn’t block your views of the outside.  In fact, you see right through it and won’t miss out on any birds alighting in the trees outside or animals ambling by.

Excellent design, great styling

The barriers are made to measure and professionally installed for excellent fit and can be manufactured to suit any door or window style.  For example, sliding glass doors will be fitted with sliding Trellidor Clear Guard units, with locks and handles positioned so that they don’t interfere with your existing door handles.

The units can be powder coated to suit your bush lodge and blend in with the surroundings.  Sand and brown are the most popular colours for these applications, as they don’t clash with the natural tones of the wild.


Effective against clever primates

In some parts of the country, monkeys and baboons have worked out how to lift sliding doors off their tracks to get into the home and its promise of easy access to food.  They’ve also learned to open most types of door handle, and to push an infant through small openings in burglar proofing so that they can bring food outside to the waiting adults.

Trellidor Clear Guard units are extremely difficult for them to breach.  Firstly, the product’s tracks are too deep for them to be lifted off, and secondly, the door handle operation is completely unique and units are lockable.   The mesh screen leaves no gaps for animals to get through.   With these security screens on all doors and windows, you’ll no longer get home to find the devastation these otherwise cute primates can cause.

Keeps out insects and other pests

The mesh screen that makes up the bulk of a Trellidor Clear Guard unit is industrial grade and highly resistant to a break-in attempt.  The screen is also tightly woven enough to keep out annoying insects such as mosquitoes and miggies.  Snakes, frogs and other more aggressive animals like warthogs also find themselves blocked out of your home by these security screens.

Bush lodges around the country have installed Trellidor Clear Guard to extend their guests’ time sipping sundowners on the veranda.  Doors and windows can be left open if the security screens are closed, keeping insects out but allowing in the cool night air as well as the sights and sounds of the bush.  This is particularly important in those areas where malaria is a problem.

Not a DIY product

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are only available from official Trellidor franchises.  Each door or window has to be accurately measured and a screen manufactured to those specifications.  A trained Trellidor technician installs the units and demonstrates how to use them.  There are over 70 Trellidor franchises around South Africa and there are also a number throughout the rest of Africa.

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Beware when re-using security barriers in your home alteration PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Beware when re-using security barriers in your home alteration

Second-hand security barriers offer an opportunity to save money on home alterations, which is always very welcome.  But there are some danger signs to watch out for as they could compromise your safety.  Trellidor offers some insight into the common pitfalls.

Can you trust the source of your security barrier windfall?

Buying products via newspapers, friends or on the internet can be a great cost saver, but you could also be hoodwinked into buying something that you think is better than it actually is.  To make a quick sale, many of these sources have illegally advertised security gates and burglar proofing using the registered trademark ‘Trellidor’ even if they were not manufactured by that company.  

Don’t get caught out: do a little homework on the sale.  Ask the seller how they know the barriers are Trellidors.  Are they marked with the Trellidor logo? Do they have the original installation documents?  Trellidor products are quite distinctive, so take a picture of the security gate or burglar proofing in question and compare it to genuine Trellidors at

Why does it matter?

It’s important to know that a re-used barrier is never going to provide you with the same level of protection as a custom-made one.  For many people, especially DIY enthusiasts, this isn’t an issue as they merely want a deterrent that is visible to home invaders, who will hopefully try their luck elsewhere.  

This isn’t the way to go if you are looking for dependable security that will keep you as safe as is possible.  Barriers that are custom-made and professionally installed are what you need if you want something that gives you a good chance of keeping home invaders out of your property.
If you are responding to the advert for second-hand barriers because you think you’ll be buying proper Trellidors, you need to be aware that even if they are genuine you will have no recourse to Trellidor if you have a break-in or any other problem with the gate or burglar proofing.  The warranty doesn’t cover products that are moved from their original location because each one is purpose-manufactured to fit a particular door or window.

Repairs are another critical factor.  Trellidor franchises can only fix genuine Trellidor products, not fakes, and it is quite easy for them to tell the difference.  Trellidor locks are unique and patented , so if your second-hand security gate is genuine, your local franchise could replace a damaged lock for you at a cost. But they can’t help if it isn’t a real Trellidor, so make sure that second-hand purchase includes a full set of keys.

Stretch that building alteration budget

If you decide to go the ‘new’ route, your local Trellidor franchise can help you secure your alteration within your budget.  There are many ways of doing this, such as installing high-end barriers in high security risk parts of your home and more economical barriers in less risky areas .  You could also ask your Trellidor Sales Consultant about a finance option facilitated by FinConnect for Trellidor customers.

Contact your nearest Trellidor franchise for advice.  At least then you’ll know that you are purchasing genuine Trellidor security barriers.


Trellidor genuine security lock


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How to create a home emergency escape route PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 April 2013

How to create a home emergency escape route

Emergency home exits are not usually top of the ‘must have’ agenda when planning a new home or altering an older one.  But have you ever thought about how you’d get out if you couldn’t use the doors, such as if the house was on fire or home invaders got in?  Trellidor suggests installing window security barriers that open.  Here’s how:

Find the right emergency escape product

Windows are usually fitted with fixed security barriers for protection against a housebreaking, but there are other options that can open when you need them to.  Your choice will depend on the style of your home and window as well as personal preference.  Trellidor has three different designs to choose from:

•    Trellis-style retractable burglar bars that work in exactly the same way as security gates, sliding to the side on a bottom track.  Trellidor Retractable Security for windows and doors opens easily with a key using a single lock point, providing an easy emergency escape route. 

•    Clear security mesh screens that you can see through.  This is new technology is known as Trellidor Clear Guard and is unique to Trellidor.  It can be designed to match the way your window (or door) opens, facilitating an emergency escape, and is robust enough to be a dependable security barrier.

•    Automated aluminium roller shutters.  They are lighter than steel with a much more compact shutter box. Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters open quickly, quietly and easily once activated by the hand-held remote or wall-mounted control, giving you a quick emergency escape. 

Choose where to fit your emergency escape window barrier

It would be ideal to have emergency escape window barriers on all windows in your home.  They make cleaning windows and window sills so easy because the window barriers could be moved out of the way for simple access to the glass window.  It can be expensive though, so rather select a window or two as your emergency escape exits, and fit burglar proofing that opens to these windows.

If you’re only replacing one fixed burglar bar unit with one that opens as an emergency exit, your supplier should be able to match the new burglar proofing to the old using the same powder coating.  In this case it wouldn’t matter that the styles were different, as the new unit would blend in colour-wise.

Practise emergency escapes with your children

Once your emergency escape window security barrier has been fitted, practise using it with your children and employees so that they’re well drilled should a crisis arise.  Once they’ve gone through the motions of opening the emergency escape as well as the window, they’ll know exactly what to do if they need to escape in a hurry.  Impress upon them, though, that the window is for emergency situations only, not for game-playing.

To find your nearest Trellidor franchise

To see these emergency escape window options from Trellidor visit

Trellidor Retractable Security makes a good emergency escape security barrier as it is easy to open with a single key, sliding to the side and out of the way


Trellidor Retractable Burglar Security


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