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Sunday, 20 April 2008

I recently had an invasion of rats in my roof.  Okay, well it felt like that.  There was thundering in the roof above my head at night - I was convinced that one of the seven plagues had descended upon my home.

RatIn fact after the pest control people had been called out on this emergency it would appear that I had been visited by one tiny little field mouse.  So, okay, girls are allowed to declare a state of emergency when there are things with reptilian-like tails invade their homes.  What is it about those tails?

Anyway, since I live on the mountain and I have those pesky little mountain cockroaches dropping in every now and then as well as great armies of ants I decided it was time to show them the way to a new home before I batten down for the winter.

Oh and did you know that the house centipede keeps down the proliferation of those horrible cockroaches with their shiny exoskeletons - well I'm not sure which is worse, centipedes or cockroaches - so I think I'll opt for my friendly pest control guy.

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