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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

There’s money all over the place ... just not in my pocket!

So, the question is: Where is it? The obvious response would be, in everyone else’s pockets, right? Wrong!

Creative Paint techniquesThe money is all over the place. You see, no company can survive if money is in everyone’s pockets.

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So too can no person survive to buy food, cell phone time, or any necessities if money is in everyone’s pockets. People are holding money back because they are scared to spend it. And that creates a downward spiral in the economy and in everyone else’s lives.

What needs to be asked is: Now that the bubble has burst, and money does not flow around so freely anymore, what do I spend my money on so that it can come back to me? And the answer is: Investments. Not so much the stock market – especially not now – but rather anything that can make you money because it increased in value since you bought it.

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