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Monday, 20 February 2012

My Garden Makeover: The Pool

When I first moved into my little cottage some two years ago, the previous owner had created a wonderful garden full of succulents, cacti and aloes. One of the things that first attracted me to the house was the garden.

However, I soon found out that when there are small children running around, prickly aloes and scary spiders that love to spin their webs from the spiky arms of a cactus across the path to the  other one during the night, does not a child-friendly garden make. And, so it was that, one day Rory was hopping and skipping up and down the one little path when she fell, narrowly missing a spike going into her eye.  By that stage, too, the garden was looking tired and a bit bedraggled and with another hot African summer approaching, I decided to do a garden makeover.

Spider Aloe


Bear in mind that I have been doing up this little cottage on a shoestring budget, so it wasn't a case of getting the landscaper in and giving him or her free rein.  I wanted a little pool, just a little one, deep enough, though, to really cool off.  With a garden that is only about 35 sq. metres in size, it was never going to be an Olympic-sized pool for swimming and jumping and playing water polo - just something to slip into and float on my back or watch the children splash around. I wanted some grass, some cool grass to lie on after a refreshing swim.  I needed shade - the sun on my patio is relentless during the summer - with only an awning that provides some early morning shade.  In the afternoon, it is a sun trap.

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Small Garden Makeover

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